Offshore Printing & Print Brokers

Are you interested in offshore printing or brochure printing, but not sure where to begin? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Global Printing Services has years of experience dealing with offshore printers as print brokers, and we only use trusted printers who we guarantee will deliver on time and to the highest quality standards printing from offshore printers.

GPS is not aligned with any specific printers; we are printer brokers that have developed strong relationships with carefully chosen expert printers in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and China, all of whom give top-quality service at extremely competitive prices.

In today’s globalised economy, there’s no reason why you can’t take advantage of the great deals available from offshore printers. Don’t be held to ransom by over-priced local printers any longer – trust us to take the worry out of your print job and obtain the absolute lowest price for you. We can obtain a quote within 48 hours, and we guarantee you’ll be impressed not only with the price but also with the quality of service and the finished product itself.


All aspects of the offshore printing job or brochure printing jobs are covered by our vastly experienced team – we take care of you from acceptance of the job, through all the printing stages, to safe delivery to your warehouse. Using our experience as printer brokers and established contacts we can provide our clients with state of the art printing on a complete selection of quality papers for brochure printing, or more extensive books.

Over the past years as print brokers we have provided printed material in many forms as: Limited Edition Books, over 200 individual Cookbooks, Quality Brochures, Exercise Books; Writing Pads; Spiral Notebooks; Shopping Bags; Greeting Cards; many books in all sizes both colour and mono.

Our team have also been involved in sourcing other material for our clients, from soft toys to baseball hats.

Because of our reputation as a reliable print broker, we have an incomparable network of production partners in South East Asia, who can handle all conventional or specialized printing needs.

Any estimate for brochure or book printing will be delivered with speed, and will be clear and accurate as per your specifications, including any request for supplemental or optional items.

We keep our clients constantly up-dated at every stage of the job; from initial quotation to final delivery of the printed matter.

Our goal is total customer satisfaction. We will provide a price estimate exactly as per your specifications, and should you wish, as print brokers, we will also suggest cost-efficient and time saving alternatives.

  • choose the best printer for the job, based on your specifications
  • obtain extremely competitive quotes
  • provide a block dummy of your book or brochure, with specified paper
  • make all necessary payments to printers and suppliers
  • provide continuous updates on your job
  • manage the quality of paper and print
  • provide ozalids of the job before it goes on the press
  • provide printed proofs if required
  • arrange advance copies
  • arrange shipment to port or door as required
  • arrange customs clearance and delivery

We have a range of samples of some of the high quality products printed through our contacts.

For further information or to request a quote, contact us at info@globalprinting.com.au

We look forward to being of service.

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